Who gets the credit for your successes, God or man? 

It’s easy to praise God when all is rosy and dandy. I mean when everything falls into place just the way we want, thanking God for the favor and blessings shouldn’t be difficult. However, it is. When the blessings flow in our lives we forget the One from Whom it comes.

Most of us find it hard to recognize God’s grace when our plans go according to our desires. At that juncture we become demi-gods, attributing to ourself the credit of such  good fortunes. We say we made it to where we are because of our hardworks, choices and persistence. Are you sure God didn’t line up the happenings in our lives to get us where we are? 

On the other hand we are quick to question God when we encounter setbacks, demanding to know why He allowed misfortune to befall us. Verily, I tell you that we scheme our own misfortunes and not God. Bad things happens to us not because God allows it but because of His redemptive plans for us. It is therefore in our own good at such a time when we are in dire straits.

Failure to recognize our mortality and the truth that God has given us the free will: power to make our own choices and that some of these choices lead us into misfortune, we would never understand God’s love for us.

Your foundation as a Christian is really tested when you are hit on all sides by adversity. It is during the hard times in your life that you can look in the mirror and call yourself a christian. You see, being a follower of Jesus Christ doesn’t mean you won’t get sick, or lose your job or even still be accused falsely. It doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes or lose your way. It doesn’t mean the enemy won’t overcome you sometimes. It simply means God will be with you till the very end. He would never forsake you so long as you don’t reneged on your faith in Him.

We should always be thankful to God for whatever situation we find ourselves in. For no matter what we have as needs, somebody somewhere have greater needs. For the mere fact that you’re alive to express your displeasure to God for the deplorable conditions you think you’re in is reason enough to be thankful.

And who says that God doesn’t know what you’re going through?  Is God no more omnipresent and omnipotent?  Why then are you troubled? Can you tell what will happen the next hour, day, month or the year ahead? So why are you therefore troubled, didn’t God say in Jeremiah 29:11

“For I know the thoughts that I think about you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end”

Just trust in Him and be humble He will see you through as He did for Joseph. Love God with all your heart at all times, especially when you feel you don’t have a reason to. God loves you.



Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself Matthew 22:36-40

The world we live in today is plague with many afflictions. Man doesn’t care about the fellow man any longer. Our focus is more driven by the material things of this world such that we forget the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and His grace that abound daily in our lives. We have made our hearts hard as rock seeing but failing to perceive God’s miracles which we experience daily.

A lot of us claim we love God, never miss a church service but how good is our love for God when we pick and chose those to love. How good is our church going when we can’t even extend a helping hand to that orphan we know and meet on our way to work each day. How do we claim to love God and can’t even be kind and nice to the widow we attend fellowship with?

You see the thing about God’s love, the way that I understand it is that he came through for us even when we were still in sin. Even when we renounced and rejected his gift with our selfishness God sent Jesus Christ to die for us, this is the manifestation of true love.

The question that I ask myself is how can we christians shove our faith and our Lord Jesus down the throat of unbelievers and call them to repentance when we don’t treat them as brothers or sisters. I mean when people are in need of a helping hand sometimes preaching the Word to them is all that it takes to turn their life around and give Jesus Christ the control of their ship. But does that always work?

As chritians we must learn to add acts to our faith in order to make the difference in the lives of those who truly need help. They should be able to see Jesus Christ and understand His promise of eternal life through our acts and not by just quoting verses from the Bible.

I’m not by any means suggesting that we should stop preaching the Gospel. The picture I’m painting here is this: 

When God has blessed us it is good to give him thanks and testify of His blessings in our lives. However, I believe it is even better when we use our blessings to help those who need helping in their lives. God is the master of all schemes. When he decides to bless it always comes with some responsibilities and there is a reason the blessings we receive. As christians we should draw unbelievers to Jesus Christ by our personalities, by our character and by our acts of love for our fellow human beings. We would make a whole lot of difference this way.

Remember even when Jesus Christ was abandoned by His disciples and friends during His trials into His death, after His resurrection He still appeared to them and brought them together in love. That’s the way we christians ought to be, showing love and kindness even to those who abandoned us. 

*1 Corinthians 13:1-13* tells us more.

Don’t just just preach Jesus Christ, walk the talk. Live like Christ and be compassionate. Love has the power to change this world that is why. Love is the greatest gift of God to us and also the greatest commandment is that *We love our neighbors as ourselves Matthew 22:36-40*

May peace of God be with you, shalom.

​MAY DAY celebration  and the Ghanaian attitude towards work.

Generally the Ghanaian worker has a poor attitude towards work. Yes, I said it. Whether we would want to admit this fact or not is irrelevant because it stares us in the face like the nose of our neighbor. I think one reason we keep talking about our not so good attitude towards work is because we are still in self-denial. We are constantly denying the truth about our own way of life. We must begin to examine ourselves and come to grasp with our negative sides in order to make amendments.
What H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo said during the May Day Celebration about the way we carry ourselves is the plain and honest truth. We wouldn’t make any meaningful advancement if we don’t change these cancerous attitude we portray at the workplace. 

However, the employee is the not the only culprit here. The employer is equally guilty when it comes to our poor attitude towards work. When employers fail to recognize the worth of their workforce and invest considerably in them what could be the outcome?

How do you expect to make profits and grow your enterprise when those involve in your wealth creation are relegated to the background or not given the attention they deserve? You can’t eat your cake and still have it or can you? 

In order to achieve workplace efficiency the employer and the employees must work as a team. They must have a symbiosis. The employer must outline his expectations to the employees and make sure whoever occupies a position has the require competency to do so. The employer must honor his/her engagement to the employees by providing them with the enabling environment for them to achieve the targeted goals.

The workplace ethics must clearly be defined. Anyone who takes up a position from the security officer to the highest ranking officer must know their limitations. They must follow their schedules assiduously and place their roles at the workplace above every other things.

Once all of the above is clearly established and defined it is the employer’s responsibility to do random check-ins in order to fish out any loopholes that may hinder the attainment of the enterprise’s vision and goals. 

You can expect to gain any meaningful outcome when there are no checks and balances at the workplace. Employees can just not be left to do as it suits them. They must be guided by rules and regulations of the workplace.

Whenever an employee fails to comply or does not meet his/her expectations at least consistently, it shouldn’t be farfetched for the employer to let such an employee go. Heads must roll when they must roll. When you keep defective machinery you should only expect an overall breakdown of your enterprise.

I think the President’s call for attitudinal change at the workplace is in the right direction but there must be a time when sounding the warning horn is followed by dismissal or the sack. 

Embracing the new beginning! 

After the dust has settled, after all is over you need to make a fresh start. You can’t continue to look to your past achievements or failures expecting them to bring you success in your future endeavors.

Most undertaking in this life comes with a deadline. Just as our lives here on earth are numbered so are the challenges we come across in life. It doesn’t really matter how the previous encounter ended, whether you had achieved your goals or not, there is always an opportunity for a fresh beginning.

Champions, winners are constantly looking at ways to improve their games in order to stay relevant in competitions. They do not by any means rest on their past exploits because they know staying a champion is even harder.

Each day comes with it the potentials of redefining our priorities. That is the reason you can’t live in the past. If for any reason the past should rather gear you up for other challenges.

As humans, we have a constant struggle to be better than we used to be. However it is impossible to become better when you are latched on to the past. The past is a definition of how it all ended and how you fared: succesful or a failure.

No matter what transpired in the past, the fact that you’re alive and kicking means you can always become better and that’s the absolute truth.

We should begin to embrace the notion of a new beginning to really take control of our destiny. We can’t be comfortable with the success or be afraid of the pains of yesterday if we want to be on top of our game. You see until the dust is finally settled on your life, you should be constantly reinventing yourself.

You will realize that life is more exciting when your past doesn’t define who you’re today. All the things you thought weren’t at your reach become clearer in your vision and you are content even when you don’t reach them when you understand that there’s always a new beginning.

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Weakning my fears by staying positive all the time.

A young lad I’m mentoring called me early one morning before his last terminal exams paper and questioned me about having fears. This is the conversation that ensued between us.

Patrick: Hi bro Steve, what’s up ? 

Me: Good morning Pato I’m good, how are you? 

Patrick:  I’m fine just that I have some questions bothering me that I hope you can help me clear up.

Me: I see. Okay go ahead and ask

Patrick: Do you sometimes experience fear? 

Me: Lol yea. In fact I do most of the time

Patrick: Really? 

Me: Yea. Now tell me why the thought of having fears is eating you up ? 

Patrick: Hmmm. I’m afraid not to live up to expectation. Tomorrow is our last paper for the term and looking back I think I haven’t really giving out the best of me during this examination and I’m afraid this term results may not be what I usually get.

Me: Hmmm. 

Listen, from my personal experience I’ll tell you that it is normal to have fears. Fears actually helps to put things in perspective for you. Most of the times when I experience fears, it tells me I need to rethink my outlook about life and work on me to become better.

You see the thing about fear is that it is a constant reminder that we are mere mortals and not the super hero we sedate ourselves to believe we are. When I am experiencing fear it tells me my relationship with God and people isn’t alright or there’s a faulty ideology that I’m holding on to. 

As for me fear helps me to work on me to become a better me. It gives me that window for internal inspection. Fears guides me to realign my life with the originator of my life. I do fear but rather than let my fears cripple me into inaction it becomes the fuel that drive my good intentions.

Fear motivates me to be good, honest and kind others. It drives me to accept challenges admitting to myself that I may not succeed but wouldn’t know this if I don’t try.

Patrick: Wow, that is a tall order. Thanks so much bro. I’ll ponder over this hopefully it show me the way to work around my own fears.

Me: Okay. That’s a start. But remember everyone experiences fears one way or the other. Some people are just good at handling their fears than others. It’s up to you to decide where you want to belong.

Patrick: Great. I will think about it. Thanks

Me: You’re welcome. All the best in your final paper.

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Motivating my depressed self: Overcoming the internal demons

I have experienced depression several times in my life. My first experience with depression is the cruelest of all, I almost lost my sanity during that process. Fortunately for me I had by my side a loving and attentive mother who though without formal education quickly identified my predicament. She did all in her might to cheer me on to appreciate the beauty of life and to smile again.

With that initial exposure to depression and overcoming it by relying on my mother’s tender loving care, I had the tendacy to look up to others when I’m in such gloom state.

However I quickly realized growing up that not everyone would have for me the patience and love of my mother when I’m depressed.

So I needed to find the resources within myself to overcome depression. I must admit that nobody puts depression on their to-do list but it happens in the most uncertain circumstances.

Therefore arming oneself with the knowledge to fight that internal demon can only be a good thing. Don’t we use to say “prevention is better than cure”?

I belong to that category of people who get depressed very often as a result of many aspect of life. So for me it was paramount that I deal with the issue starting from me and by me. I want to share with you today some helpful tips to overcome depression.

So here we go: 

– You must begin by accepting the fact that something is eating you up and draining your positive energy which is resulting in you being depressed. Self denial of your predicament can only accentuate your depression and prolong the healing process.

-Once you have accepted that you are depressed, get closer, even more closer to the things or activities from which you used to derive some joy. You see when you get into the routine that characterized the You before depression even minimally you begin to plug into your positive energy. When you do this continuously you regain at least partial control over your emotions.

-You have to come out of the closet, get into the social sphere and breathe life around you. This in my personal experience is the hardest to do but contributes immensely to the healing process. 

-Talk about how you feel to the people who you care about and who probably care about you. When this stage happens the other way round that is people begin to ask you what’s happening to you there is the tendency to feel like you’re a failure. So be bold and talk to others.

The most important thing to know about overcoming depression is to know that whatever caused it or is causing it, will pass and you have no reason holding on to it. You are not going to be the first to be depressed and neither will you be the last, one single incident or accident however you look at it shouldn’t deprive you of the joy of living. You Only Live Once, wake up and smile again.

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What’s up with our politicians?

Frankly and seriously speaking I’m appaled by the unconcerned attitude of our leaders when we have terrible issues confronting our very existence. When it’s to campaign for election or re-election their voices are the loudest.

However they seem to lose their tongues when it is most crucial to the very people whose vote they sought for during campaigns.

I’m beginning to believe that in Ghana politicians know only how to jump at each others throat.

I mean if it is to denigrate, accuse and call their opponents all sort of names they (politicians) are most visible. Today, Ghana is confronted with two major issues: galamsey and the acts of terror groups or vigilantes as they want to call themselves. All of these are happening under the full glare of our lawmakers  but they seem not to be worried. Are they citizens of another state? 

What our politicians know but are looking on as if it is a sci-fi movie is that galamsey and the activities of these terror groups are a real menace to our livelihood and sovereignty.

Here are few reasons I state that galamsey and activities of these terror groups are a menace to our livelihood and sovereignty.

1: The activities of these illegal miners pollute our farm lands and contaminate our crops which could  give rise to food insecurity in the nearest future.

2:  Our able farmers who have no other occupation beside farming are on the verge of joining the unemployed pool which is already full and about to explode.

3:  The pollution of our water bodies is very serious or should I say critical? As it stands now potable drinking water is an unavailable necessity. Polluting the few water bodies from which water is treated or can be treated and made available to the needy populace is tantamount to genocide if you ask me.

4: The acts of the so-called vigilante groups ( I call them terror groups) who don’t have any respect for the rule of law could give rise to insurgence and arm conflicts. You see when a group of people take upon themselves to be judge and executioners it sets a very bad precedence. It signalisation to other such groups that the rule of law no longer works in this country. It makes this country become like the jungle where only the strongest survive. 

For crying out loud Ghana is a country that is govern by the rule of law. Therefore the continuous silence of our leaders in the wake of this menace is intolerable and amounts to treason and they must be prosecuted for this silence.

 Our politicians must start to condemn these acts which have the tendency to disrupt our democracy and distabilize this peaceful country with every bit of pesewa they went into politics to make. They must act and make sure the activities of galamseyers and these terror groups are halted immediately and that is what we expect from them.

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