Marking World Refugee Day 2016-My thoughts

June 20th of every year is set aside to celebrate refugees all over the world. As the world marks World Refugee Day it is imperative that the so-call leaders of this world add a little bit of water to their wine.

Most of those who get to be characterized and tagged as refugees, often do not have a direct implication in the crisis that transform their statues as refugees. They are mostly victims of circumstances beyond their control.

If you haven’t been a refugee before, you might probably not understand the plight of refugees. But one can easily put himself/herself in the skins of refugees to understand their ordeal-it is not far fetch.

Imagine leaving your home under duress to squat in somebody’s backyard, all alone against the elements of nature: sunshine, rains, famine etc…and as if that is not enough you are also stigmatized.

If the image brought forth by your imagination isn’t appealing and is something you wouldn’t want to go through, remember that refugees go through worst.

The mighty and powerful of this world must begin to understand that this world isn’t all about them, not all. Their personal motives and ambitions must not hinder the relatively calm and peaceful lifestyle of the ordinary citizens.

Not all citizens are clamoring for power, most of them are just content with their three-square meal a day (or even less).

It is about that time we begin to hold our leaders accountable. Displacing millions of people just to satisfy a sick craze for power isn’t at all something that the world should be silent on any longer.

Let’s all stand in solidarity with refugees the world over (#WithRefugees) but then our message must be directed at those who play a crucial role in nursing the refugee situation.

Stop toiling with our happiness. If you send all your people into exile, who do you rule over?  Many events are organized in several countries to mark the day.


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