“To Live is the Rarest Thing in the World. Most People Exist that is All”- Oscar Wilde


Pardoning the Montie ‘Trio’: A non-starter of all rhetoric


Just a week after the sentencing of the famous ‘Montie Trio’ the media is once again white-washed with news about them. When they went on air and ranted and issued threat in the direction of the judiciary we talked about them.

But what do they think? This country is bigger than any individual and any political party for that matter. Nobody can take our peace and sovereignty at ransom. In fact they shouldn’t even attempt it, because they will always be overtaken by the interest of the common people.

I am particularly happy that the Courts have put some sanity back in the system. As a result of the sentencing, those who are fond of using the media to air their nonsense will think twice henceforth.

I heard and read from certain quarters, with amusement, that some people are calling on the President to pardon the ‘Trio’. Really? Well, Mr. President whoever is placing that request on your desk doesn’t wish you well in your political adventure.

In fact, why would anyone even think of pardoning these guys? The point is they erred and they are being punished for going over board, period. Where have we placed our reasoning? Has politics gradually taken over our consciousness such that we wouldn’t make any difference between wrong and right?

Come on guys! Let’s take politics out of this. Whether these guys are NPP or NDC, it doesn’t matter. The point is nobody should be given that permission to use the media to demonstrate their craziness. For the simple fact that our Constitution accords us the freedom of speech does not mean any speech is free.

What this country need to hear is ideologies that will advance the collective good of Ghanaians.  We can’t tolerate a minority, in fact individuals to use the media to incite violence against anyone let alone the Arms of government. Let’s open the airwaves to those who have ideas to share and who are keen on seeing an improvement in our living standards.

In as much as we condemned their act, their punishment should be accepted and recorded in the books. Nobody should attempt to play the card of interest in this issue because it doesn’t hold. Mr. President please don’t listen to any ‘Pardon Call’.

My seven (7) Ingredients for a lasting Marriage

In my modest opinion marriage is one of the most difficult agreement that any two consenting adults (male and female) can decide to have. Marriage is difficult because the two parties involved are both coming from different backgrounds, different upbringings and sometimes different environments.

In order for continuity of the human race and to populate the earth as God has commanded the early human beings, marriages must be contracted. Not to say that marriage is a must, as it still remains a matter of choice nevertheless marriage is very important for procreation.

But the sad realization of our times is that there are as many divorces as there are marriages in the 21st Century. The essence of marriage is just no there anymore.

Many out of love jump into marriages, forgetting that love constitute just a fragment of what it takes to be happily married and to stay in that marriage till ‘death do you part’. I’m not in any way an expert in marriage. But from my observation over the years of many failed marriages and some literature available on failed marriages, I see a trend.

While couple seeking counsel before marriages is a positive sign and should be encouraged, prospective couple should understand that to make marriage work it is paramount they put in the right ingredients.

Just like preparing a sumptuous meal, marriage must be approached with the right ingredients to make it fruitful and lasting. I am not the first person and I will probably not be the last person to touch on these ingredients for good marriages topic. However, I am looking at these ingredients for the already contracted marriage.

I will develop on the ingredients in my subsequent write-ups meanwhile I will recommend the following ingredients for a good marriage:

  1. Tolerance
  2. Trust
  3. Compromise
  4. Staying in touch with each other
  5. Forgiveness
  6. Act of kindness
  7. Focus on the strength of each other