I have been fascinated by the abbreviation-WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) for a fairly long time. Upon close observation and the narratives from some friends employed in corporate Ghana, I believe there is a correlation between the abbreviation and employees performance (this is not an observation based on any research, just personal).

Many at times employers have complained about the poor performances of their employees. Many have advanced that the quality of tertiary education in Ghana has deteriorated over time which explains why new employees lack the job-ready attitudes.

I would want to go in agreement with this assertion for a little while. It can’t be denied that what is being taught in our universities lacking substance. And most of these students go into these universities with the misconceptions that once they are out the jobs will be readily available for them. The sad truth is that these students are completely out of tune with the realities of our times. They pass through the university denying the university to pass through them.

I believe university education is supposed to equip students with the right sets of skills to tackle any problem they might be confronted with including unemployment and job performances. However the realization on the ground if far from the expectation placed on university education. Students are permitted to enter university ignorant and lazy but what they aren’t allowed to do is come out more ignorant and lazier than they went.

Who is to be blamed for these lapses, the students or the system? I think both parties are culpable in this regards and the truth is that the solution is nowhere near the horizon.

Nevertheless, I think employees have a responsibility to take these ill-equipped students and transformed them into assets for the growth of their companies. CEOs and managers who have understood that the driving force behind the success of their companies is their employees have placed a premium on their training.

Now this is where I disagree with the employers who expect students to come out of the university and transform the fortunes of their companies with no investments in the students. The reason I say there’s a correlation (sort of) between WYSIWYG and employee performance is simple.

If as an employer you identify the need (or let’s call it the lack) in your employee and fail to address it, what do you expect? When you employ somebody, even if that person has got the experience already from a similar field, it is up to you to orient your new employee about your goals and expectations from her/him. I believe no two companies have the same visions.

Assuming that the said employee has the required qualifications and therefore will be able to steer the reins of your company to where you are headed is very wrong.

Another reason where WYSIWYG is when as an employee you fail to solve the little problems confronting your employee at the workplace. If you are expecting results, you must put the proper structures in place for that result to be achieved. Your employee may try her/his very best but if the processes aren’t right the magic won’t happen.

When you are focused on making the profits and refuse to accept that your employees must also have a good life for themselves, then you shouldn’t be surprised if one day you wake up and your company is totally run down-What You See Is What You GET (WYSIWYG)



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