In my face the sad truth: A tribute to a wonderful woman

My family is not the  kind you could describe as a close knit one. We have all  almost grown apart. With few opportunities of interactions we never really got the chance to know each other.

However, my siblings and I were very fortunate to have the attention of this wonderful woman. She’s is our paternal aunt. She’s actually the exception to the status quo in my family.

Though she didn’t have the wealth to provide us what we need, she made sure we got the true state of our life. She never missed any chance to counsel us and put us where we ought to be. She has always insisted we put God in our lives and shape our lives in conformity with what the Bible teaches.

Amakinaney as we all affectionately call her was a woman of many facets. Her directness and candid advice made her an unapproachable to many. But those same attributes brought us very closer. I like to be told the hard truth and she’s being the one to give me that, all the time any day anytime.

I have been planing to visit her. Yea i honestly had that worked out. Actually she’s being asking me to come see her and kept postponing that visit. If I known that the Good Lord, up there had plans to call her home, if only I knew that her instance to see me was her to bid me farewell, if I knew all these maybe I had gone there and perhaps beg her not to go.


But she’s gone, and I believe she is in the bosom of the Lord definitely.

Amakinaney, I know you are watching over us, like you have always done. I am holding back my tears, I am holding back my grief because I believe you have fought a good fight and you are in good hands.

You will always and forever remain in my heart. R-I-P Aunty. R-I-P Etey.



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