Will more money to the Finance Ministry improve our lives?

Did you hear that Ghanaian Finance Minister, Seth Terkper has requested for a supplementary budget to the tune of 1.8 billion Ghana Cedi? Wow!

I heard Mr. Seth Terkper was summoned to Parliament yesterday to review the budget in midterm only to come out with a strong request for more funds to be pumped into the budget.

I understand there’s a provision in our Constitution that authorizes the Finance Ministry to request for additional budgetary allocations when they feel it is important and prudent.

But it seems that the ordinary Ghanaian is being left more ignorant on what the import of some procedures in Parliament are. I believed that government or in this case the Finance Ministry should tell Ghanaians why they need an additional funds.

Can we be told why the additional funds is being requested for now? The answer to that question may probably clarify things. However, another question persists. Will adding that 1.8 billion dollars make any difference in our ailing economy? Will it change our predicament?

I am so sorry if I am posing more questions than providing answers because I am confused as well. Parliament has approved budgets here and there but it never translates into the betterment of the lives of the ordinary Ghanaian. I guess many will attest that these monies issued here and there are adding to our problems, or?

Poverty still looms in majority of household in Ghana. And this reality has been with us for as long as I can recall.

It is high time the ordinary Ghanaian demand answers to these probing issues especially when the understanding thereof can’t be established. I think anything  that must be done to improve our lives in this country. So the question that I posed to the powers that be is: Will more money to the Finance Ministry improve our lives?



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