How Your Birthday Wishes Transformed my Birthday

Sometimes the remotest and isolated gestures can have an unanticipated impact on the one to whom it is intended for. We have placed premiums on the exchange of materials things during birthdays or a special occasion as signs of affection or of friendship. As such we have forgotten the abstracts such as a simple birthday wish, or a get well soon or even an “I miss you” message which also carry depth of feelings. 

I woke up on my birthday feeling lost because of the happenings in my life that my mind was having difficulty processing. So much was happening to me and it seemed the misfortunes of life have given themselves rendezvous to mar my birthday and only God knows why.

I was submerged with thoughts of how to deal with the goings-on in my life. At that point I was at my very lowest. However, since I have no choice I continued with my routines. On this particular day I had to run my schedules with several trips from the hospital to the pharmacy and back. As I watch my mother lay on a hospital bed incapable of relieving her pains, life became meaningless to me.

I caressed the idea that it was me against the world. I even questioned my very existence and pondered over the essence of living when you’re hopelessly incapable of finding solutions to your predicaments. Seeing my mother in her condition rendered me very sad and as if that wasn’t enough, I was almost at the bottom of my savings. So many ‘what if’ questions filled my poor mind. I’d wished to be somebody different in that flash.

If you asked me at that very instant what I’d wished for as a birthday gift, I will have probably said a lot of money, because I needed the money to continue purchasing medications for my mother’s treatment. Or better still I’d wished that she wasn’t sick in the first place. 

Later that day in the middle of my inertness, I decided to take a quick tour on my various social media platforms and see what’s happening. I was amazed by the sight that greeted me. People actually took their time to wish me well. I will bet to these friends (real and virtual) those messages were just reflexes because they were prompted. However, these messages really got to me. They touched me in the part of me that was hurting the most. 

I hadn’t plan anything for my birthday. Couldn’t and wouldn’t have because there was a more important agenda that needed my immediate attention. But reading posts of ‘happy birthdays’ sent by friends gave me goose bumps. I felt some iciness in my heart and it was quickly replaced by some warm soothing feeling. Wow!

I didn’t expect the adrenalin rush, I suddenly felt the urge to cry. I managed to suppress the tears but deep inside I cried. And this inner cry brought me a lot of comfort and peace. My mother’s condition didn’t amend with the sudden change happening within me, but it was as if a voice was murmuring to me that it was alright, that I’m just human and everything was under control.

Those wishes gave me more than the money I so much needed for my mother’s treatment. They gave me hope. They gave me another breadth for the long hurdle that awaits me the next day. 

Let’s not limit gifts to the material substance. A kind word though intangible said on someone’s birthday or at a moment when that person is faced with situations that seemed surrealistic can go a long way to push that person to continue fighting even when the outcome of that battle is already known. 

Your birthday wishes have transformed my day. I will say this is the most wonderful of all my birthdays and I’m grateful to everyone who took time to send me those wishes. You’re all angels sent to cheer me up when I so much required it. God bless you all. You have collectively given me a glimmer of hope and it means the world to me at this material moment.

Thank You.