All it takes is just one second of inaction, one oversight, one mistake and your whole world could come tumbling to a halt. It doesn’t matter all the good you’ve done hitherto, your present and current actions prosecute you even when you’re not caught. Most often the penance starts way before the sentencing just that our stubbornness and self denial help us not to see our stupor.

Everybody can find his way on the bad side of the law. Nobody is predestined for the correctional homes. As a matter of fact many of those incarcerated today would have crossed their hearts in their moment of bliss if it was prophesied that they will one day spend their lives behind bars. You see nobody wants to be tagged deviant let alone be sent to jail.

However, in the midst of this naked truth thousands are escorted practically on a daily basis to spend a part of their lives away from their families. And for some for the rest of their lives.
Sometimes it is very disheartening to see how people refer and even treat those who have sojourn in the prisons. As if they have become sort of lesser beings.

The disdain and rejection that greet these brothers and sisters who have had a brush with the law is more disastrous to them than the time spent in prisons.

But they too deserve a second chance, the fact is we all deserve a second chance. Have we ever wondered why ex convicts go back to the life of crime? The answer isn’t far fetched.

Society has tagged and painted them based on the prior shortfalls. So whether they are reformed and want to make right their mistakes, we see them as people to be wary of. We don’t give them the benefit of doubt. So in their efforts and struggle to turn a new leaf, they are prejudiced. And this is why most of them relapse.

Question is why should they try harder to prove they have changed when the very people they are trying to convince see in them only convicts? Think about it.
At the height of it human beings are very hypocritical. We all have skeletons in our various closets. But we walk around condemning and pointing fingers at others. Wait a minute, just because you haven’t been caught for that crime you have committed in the cover of the night doesn’t mean you’re better than those standing trials or those already sentenced.
Let’s show these folks who have obviously made bad choices and taken wrong decisions some kind of humanity and help them become better.

Who are we even to condemn? Haven’t we all fallen short of the kingdom of glory? We need the grace. So as we are praying vehemently for God to save us from ourselves, let’s also remember those with whom the law has had a rendezvous. Remember it could be you. Think about it.