This morning as I was going about my daily routine, I witnessed a scene that got me thinking about the relationship between the so-called mighty people and the weak.

A street hawker with her wares on her head was almost accidentally knocked down by a driver revving his vehicle rather carelessly.
It took the vigilance of the hawker to avoid being run over by the car, but in the process she threw her ware to the curb.

Realizing her loss, as she couldn’t confront the driver who apparently is a big shot judging by the make of his car and the licence plate, the poor hawker held her head between the palms of her two hands and begun sobbing rather hysterically.

As if that wasn’t enough to her mysery, the driver came out of his lavish Toyota Corolla saloon car and started heaving insults on her. Blaming her for being negligent and almost made him the driver run her over.

The poor girl couldn’t control her grief as tears stricked down her cheeks.

Even when other passers-by told the driver he was at fault, he just continued hurling expletives at the poor hawker.

The insensitiveness of the driver to the plight of the poor girl, who had obviously lost her daily income due to the carelessness of the driver beat my imagination.

Why is it difficult for the so-called high and mighty to apologize when they are in the wrong?

Wouldn’t it have been humanely right for the driver to console the hawker, considering the fact it was no fault of hers and a tragedy has just been avoided ? 
Would the driver’s attitude have been the same if the person at the other end was in his class or society?

Whether we are high and mighty or poor, in the wrong or the right our society will be a better place if we learn to tolerate and respect each other.

Photo Credit: woman with megaphone (afr.com)

Angry man and woman (marriage counseling blog.com)


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