Being a christian in times of adversity: that’s following Christ.

It is easy to trust God when things go the way we want them to go. I say it is way too easy to say we have faith in God when throughout our lives all we see is His blessings around us.

I believe as a christian you know you believe in God when you’re faced with circumstances beyond your control and still manage to keep your eyes on the road. 

The thing about faith in God is to see His goodness and greatness when all odds are against you. When you manage to still keep to your prayer routine, read your bible and still believe God will see you through that’s when you know you have faith in Him.

When you’re not sway but the storms rising up in your life to denounce the promises of the resurrected son of God, Jesus then you know you are a true believer.

The walk with Jesus Christ is not the one that promises all joy and happiness, it is not the journey where tears wouldn’t flow on our cheeks. In fact it is a walk full of challenges, tribulations and pains unimaginable. However, when you walk with Jesus you’re assured,  as a matter of fact you’re guarantee of the light at the end of the tunnel when you walk with Jesus.

As a true christian you must be able to see God’s goodness no matter the circumstances good or bad. You should be able to hold fast to your belief in Jesus Christ especially when the tide is high up and you don’t know if it will engulf you. 

I don’t know what the Holy Bible says but I do not think God has said promised christians a walk without pains or challenges. You see it is up to you, the true christian to demonstrate your faith in the Almighty especially when you fail where you think you should have succeeded. Following Christ shouldn’t be about convenience, it should be a way of life. Let your faith shine where your life is at the crossroad. God will see you through.


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