What’s up with our politicians?

Frankly and seriously speaking I’m appaled by the unconcerned attitude of our leaders when we have terrible issues confronting our very existence. When it’s to campaign for election or re-election their voices are the loudest.

However they seem to lose their tongues when it is most crucial to the very people whose vote they sought for during campaigns.

I’m beginning to believe that in Ghana politicians know only how to jump at each others throat.

I mean if it is to denigrate, accuse and call their opponents all sort of names they (politicians) are most visible. Today, Ghana is confronted with two major issues: galamsey and the acts of terror groups or vigilantes as they want to call themselves. All of these are happening under the full glare of our lawmakers  but they seem not to be worried. Are they citizens of another state? 

What our politicians know but are looking on as if it is a sci-fi movie is that galamsey and the activities of these terror groups are a real menace to our livelihood and sovereignty.

Here are few reasons I state that galamsey and activities of these terror groups are a menace to our livelihood and sovereignty.

1: The activities of these illegal miners pollute our farm lands and contaminate our crops which could  give rise to food insecurity in the nearest future.

2:  Our able farmers who have no other occupation beside farming are on the verge of joining the unemployed pool which is already full and about to explode.

3:  The pollution of our water bodies is very serious or should I say critical? As it stands now potable drinking water is an unavailable necessity. Polluting the few water bodies from which water is treated or can be treated and made available to the needy populace is tantamount to genocide if you ask me.

4: The acts of the so-called vigilante groups ( I call them terror groups) who don’t have any respect for the rule of law could give rise to insurgence and arm conflicts. You see when a group of people take upon themselves to be judge and executioners it sets a very bad precedence. It signalisation to other such groups that the rule of law no longer works in this country. It makes this country become like the jungle where only the strongest survive. 

For crying out loud Ghana is a country that is govern by the rule of law. Therefore the continuous silence of our leaders in the wake of this menace is intolerable and amounts to treason and they must be prosecuted for this silence.

 Our politicians must start to condemn these acts which have the tendency to disrupt our democracy and distabilize this peaceful country with every bit of pesewa they went into politics to make. They must act and make sure the activities of galamseyers and these terror groups are halted immediately and that is what we expect from them.

Photo Credit:  http://dehapsa.weblog.esaunggul.ac.id/wp-content/uploads/sites/1309/2013/11/What-Do-You-Care-About.jpg


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