Embracing the new beginning! 

After the dust has settled, after all is over you need to make a fresh start. You can’t continue to look to your past achievements or failures expecting them to bring you success in your future endeavors.

Most undertaking in this life comes with a deadline. Just as our lives here on earth are numbered so are the challenges we come across in life. It doesn’t really matter how the previous encounter ended, whether you had achieved your goals or not, there is always an opportunity for a fresh beginning.

Champions, winners are constantly looking at ways to improve their games in order to stay relevant in competitions. They do not by any means rest on their past exploits because they know staying a champion is even harder.

Each day comes with it the potentials of redefining our priorities. That is the reason you can’t live in the past. If for any reason the past should rather gear you up for other challenges.

As humans, we have a constant struggle to be better than we used to be. However it is impossible to become better when you are latched on to the past. The past is a definition of how it all ended and how you fared: succesful or a failure.

No matter what transpired in the past, the fact that you’re alive and kicking means you can always become better and that’s the absolute truth.

We should begin to embrace the notion of a new beginning to really take control of our destiny. We can’t be comfortable with the success or be afraid of the pains of yesterday if we want to be on top of our game. You see until the dust is finally settled on your life, you should be constantly reinventing yourself.

You will realize that life is more exciting when your past doesn’t define who you’re today. All the things you thought weren’t at your reach become clearer in your vision and you are content even when you don’t reach them when you understand that there’s always a new beginning.

Image Credit: https://www.insiderfinancial.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/fresh_full.jpg


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