Who gets the credit for your successes, God or man? 

It’s easy to praise God when all is rosy and dandy. I mean when everything falls into place just the way we want, thanking God for the favor and blessings shouldn’t be difficult. However, it is. When the blessings flow in our lives we forget the One from Whom it comes.

Most of us find it hard to recognize God’s grace when our plans go according to our desires. At that juncture we become demi-gods, attributing to ourself the credit of such  good fortunes. We say we made it to where we are because of our hardworks, choices and persistence. Are you sure God didn’t line up the happenings in our lives to get us where we are? 

On the other hand we are quick to question God when we encounter setbacks, demanding to know why He allowed misfortune to befall us. Verily, I tell you that we scheme our own misfortunes and not God. Bad things happens to us not because God allows it but because of His redemptive plans for us. It is therefore in our own good at such a time when we are in dire straits.

Failure to recognize our mortality and the truth that God has given us the free will: power to make our own choices and that some of these choices lead us into misfortune, we would never understand God’s love for us.

Your foundation as a Christian is really tested when you are hit on all sides by adversity. It is during the hard times in your life that you can look in the mirror and call yourself a christian. You see, being a follower of Jesus Christ doesn’t mean you won’t get sick, or lose your job or even still be accused falsely. It doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes or lose your way. It doesn’t mean the enemy won’t overcome you sometimes. It simply means God will be with you till the very end. He would never forsake you so long as you don’t reneged on your faith in Him.

We should always be thankful to God for whatever situation we find ourselves in. For no matter what we have as needs, somebody somewhere have greater needs. For the mere fact that you’re alive to express your displeasure to God for the deplorable conditions you think you’re in is reason enough to be thankful.

And who says that God doesn’t know what you’re going through?  Is God no more omnipresent and omnipotent?  Why then are you troubled? Can you tell what will happen the next hour, day, month or the year ahead? So why are you therefore troubled, didn’t God say in Jeremiah 29:11

“For I know the thoughts that I think about you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end”

Just trust in Him and be humble He will see you through as He did for Joseph. Love God with all your heart at all times, especially when you feel you don’t have a reason to. God loves you.



Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself Matthew 22:36-40

The world we live in today is plague with many afflictions. Man doesn’t care about the fellow man any longer. Our focus is more driven by the material things of this world such that we forget the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and His grace that abound daily in our lives. We have made our hearts hard as rock seeing but failing to perceive God’s miracles which we experience daily.

A lot of us claim we love God, never miss a church service but how good is our love for God when we pick and chose those to love. How good is our church going when we can’t even extend a helping hand to that orphan we know and meet on our way to work each day. How do we claim to love God and can’t even be kind and nice to the widow we attend fellowship with?

You see the thing about God’s love, the way that I understand it is that he came through for us even when we were still in sin. Even when we renounced and rejected his gift with our selfishness God sent Jesus Christ to die for us, this is the manifestation of true love.

The question that I ask myself is how can we christians shove our faith and our Lord Jesus down the throat of unbelievers and call them to repentance when we don’t treat them as brothers or sisters. I mean when people are in need of a helping hand sometimes preaching the Word to them is all that it takes to turn their life around and give Jesus Christ the control of their ship. But does that always work?

As chritians we must learn to add acts to our faith in order to make the difference in the lives of those who truly need help. They should be able to see Jesus Christ and understand His promise of eternal life through our acts and not by just quoting verses from the Bible.

I’m not by any means suggesting that we should stop preaching the Gospel. The picture I’m painting here is this: 

When God has blessed us it is good to give him thanks and testify of His blessings in our lives. However, I believe it is even better when we use our blessings to help those who need helping in their lives. God is the master of all schemes. When he decides to bless it always comes with some responsibilities and there is a reason the blessings we receive. As christians we should draw unbelievers to Jesus Christ by our personalities, by our character and by our acts of love for our fellow human beings. We would make a whole lot of difference this way.

Remember even when Jesus Christ was abandoned by His disciples and friends during His trials into His death, after His resurrection He still appeared to them and brought them together in love. That’s the way we christians ought to be, showing love and kindness even to those who abandoned us. 

*1 Corinthians 13:1-13* tells us more.

Don’t just just preach Jesus Christ, walk the talk. Live like Christ and be compassionate. Love has the power to change this world that is why. Love is the greatest gift of God to us and also the greatest commandment is that *We love our neighbors as ourselves Matthew 22:36-40*

May peace of God be with you, shalom.