Weakning my fears by staying positive all the time.

A young lad I’m mentoring called me early one morning before his last terminal exams paper and questioned me about having fears. This is the conversation that ensued between us.

Patrick: Hi bro Steve, what’s up ? 

Me: Good morning Pato I’m good, how are you? 

Patrick:  I’m fine just that I have some questions bothering me that I hope you can help me clear up.

Me: I see. Okay go ahead and ask

Patrick: Do you sometimes experience fear? 

Me: Lol yea. In fact I do most of the time

Patrick: Really? 

Me: Yea. Now tell me why the thought of having fears is eating you up ? 

Patrick: Hmmm. I’m afraid not to live up to expectation. Tomorrow is our last paper for the term and looking back I think I haven’t really giving out the best of me during this examination and I’m afraid this term results may not be what I usually get.

Me: Hmmm. 

Listen, from my personal experience I’ll tell you that it is normal to have fears. Fears actually helps to put things in perspective for you. Most of the times when I experience fears, it tells me I need to rethink my outlook about life and work on me to become better.

You see the thing about fear is that it is a constant reminder that we are mere mortals and not the super hero we sedate ourselves to believe we are. When I am experiencing fear it tells me my relationship with God and people isn’t alright or there’s a faulty ideology that I’m holding on to. 

As for me fear helps me to work on me to become a better me. It gives me that window for internal inspection. Fears guides me to realign my life with the originator of my life. I do fear but rather than let my fears cripple me into inaction it becomes the fuel that drive my good intentions.

Fear motivates me to be good, honest and kind others. It drives me to accept challenges admitting to myself that I may not succeed but wouldn’t know this if I don’t try.

Patrick: Wow, that is a tall order. Thanks so much bro. I’ll ponder over this hopefully it show me the way to work around my own fears.

Me: Okay. That’s a start. But remember everyone experiences fears one way or the other. Some people are just good at handling their fears than others. It’s up to you to decide where you want to belong.

Patrick: Great. I will think about it. Thanks

Me: You’re welcome. All the best in your final paper.

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The most wonderful thing in life is to be around kids. Being around kids is an admirable thing to do. 

According to the biblical “God created Adam and Eve and said they should give birth to populate the earth. God also promised Abraham that his descendants will be like the sand.” Christ also told his disciples to allow the children to come to him for they will inherit the kingdom of heaven. These illustrations show that even the Almighty God loves children.

It is a great experience to be around kids. I have spent almost 70 percent of my life around kids and I’m proud of this. My very first experience is still a memorable one. I remember creating jokes which made them laugh. I called them by different funny names and told them some nasty things in the funny sense of the word and all this made my bonding with them a success.

One thing which always occurs in our daily lives is learning. As the saying goes “Education is the key to success”. Another saying by one of Ghana’s finest gentleman also stresses education, especially of the female sex and it says “if you educate a man, you educate one person but when you educate a woman, you educate a whole nation.” 

Everything we do in this life is centered on learning. Learning and teaching go hand in hand. During my first experience with kids I tried to teach them and in the process of teaching them, I learnt a lot from them as well. This demonstrates that no matter our standings in life we all are on a learning journey.

I remember vividly, on that first experience with kids in the classroom we talked about the history of great personalities such as Mansa Musa, one the world richest man who hailed from Egypt according to history books. We also talked about the history of the Ghana Empire, getting to know that the Akans migrated from the Ghana Empire. 

We also talked about the life and achievements of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Akuffo Addo, Yaa Asantewaa, Otumfuo Osei Tutu I etc. Talking about all these personalities made the children laugh and happy. After the journey down memory lane we decided to play some games. As the saying goes “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy”, so after our teaching and learning session we had some fun. Some of the games we played were countries and their capitals but the most interesting game we played on that day was “ghost tears”.  All of these brought happiness to the kids and me. Then I had lunch with them. It was so funny, lovely and exciting as some of the kids didn’t know how to use cutlery sets. Seeing them with the knives in their left hands and the forks in the right I couldn’t help but reminisced about my own childhood considering that I never had that opportunity. It was for me then a privilege to teach these kids how to use cutlery sets. 

However, the amazing time I was spending with them was brought to an abrupt end as the school’s authority told me my time with the kids was over. I was sad within me. Then they told me I am allowed to come whenever I wanted to in order to share with the kids. It was indeed great news for me. So I went back and announced to them that I was leaving. I could see the expression of sadness written all over their faces. Then I lighten up their gloomy looks as I told them from the next day I was going to be their teacher. They were excited and overjoyed. They gave me a group hug that made my dress dirty but it was a good feeling. Then I bade then good bye and promised to see them the next day. My heart was buried in sorrow as I left them. But knowing that I was coming back to spend time with them almost every day warm my heart.

I would never forget that day. It will always be a memorable day in my life and I will always cherish that memory. I wish to spend the rest of my life helping kids for that reason I pray that I become wealthy in the future in order to establish an orphanage and a children home to take care of the poor and vulnerable kids in our society. So help me God. 

Written by Boamah Isaac Junior (Kasoa)