Motivating my depressed self: Overcoming the internal demons

I have experienced depression several times in my life. My first experience with depression is the cruelest of all, I almost lost my sanity during that process. Fortunately for me I had by my side a loving and attentive mother who though without formal education quickly identified my predicament. She did all in her might to cheer me on to appreciate the beauty of life and to smile again.

With that initial exposure to depression and overcoming it by relying on my mother’s tender loving care, I had the tendacy to look up to others when I’m in such gloom state.

However I quickly realized growing up that not everyone would have for me the patience and love of my mother when I’m depressed.

So I needed to find the resources within myself to overcome depression. I must admit that nobody puts depression on their to-do list but it happens in the most uncertain circumstances.

Therefore arming oneself with the knowledge to fight that internal demon can only be a good thing. Don’t we use to say “prevention is better than cure”?

I belong to that category of people who get depressed very often as a result of many aspect of life. So for me it was paramount that I deal with the issue starting from me and by me. I want to share with you today some helpful tips to overcome depression.

So here we go: 

– You must begin by accepting the fact that something is eating you up and draining your positive energy which is resulting in you being depressed. Self denial of your predicament can only accentuate your depression and prolong the healing process.

-Once you have accepted that you are depressed, get closer, even more closer to the things or activities from which you used to derive some joy. You see when you get into the routine that characterized the You before depression even minimally you begin to plug into your positive energy. When you do this continuously you regain at least partial control over your emotions.

-You have to come out of the closet, get into the social sphere and breathe life around you. This in my personal experience is the hardest to do but contributes immensely to the healing process. 

-Talk about how you feel to the people who you care about and who probably care about you. When this stage happens the other way round that is people begin to ask you what’s happening to you there is the tendency to feel like you’re a failure. So be bold and talk to others.

The most important thing to know about overcoming depression is to know that whatever caused it or is causing it, will pass and you have no reason holding on to it. You are not going to be the first to be depressed and neither will you be the last, one single incident or accident however you look at it shouldn’t deprive you of the joy of living. You Only Live Once, wake up and smile again.

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