​MAY DAY celebration  and the Ghanaian attitude towards work.

Generally the Ghanaian worker has a poor attitude towards work. Yes, I said it. Whether we would want to admit this fact or not is irrelevant because it stares us in the face like the nose of our neighbor. I think one reason we keep talking about our not so good attitude towards work is because we are still in self-denial. We are constantly denying the truth about our own way of life. We must begin to examine ourselves and come to grasp with our negative sides in order to make amendments.
What H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo said during the May Day Celebration about the way we carry ourselves is the plain and honest truth. We wouldn’t make any meaningful advancement if we don’t change these cancerous attitude we portray at the workplace. 

However, the employee is the not the only culprit here. The employer is equally guilty when it comes to our poor attitude towards work. When employers fail to recognize the worth of their workforce and invest considerably in them what could be the outcome?

How do you expect to make profits and grow your enterprise when those involve in your wealth creation are relegated to the background or not given the attention they deserve? You can’t eat your cake and still have it or can you? 

In order to achieve workplace efficiency the employer and the employees must work as a team. They must have a symbiosis. The employer must outline his expectations to the employees and make sure whoever occupies a position has the require competency to do so. The employer must honor his/her engagement to the employees by providing them with the enabling environment for them to achieve the targeted goals.

The workplace ethics must clearly be defined. Anyone who takes up a position from the security officer to the highest ranking officer must know their limitations. They must follow their schedules assiduously and place their roles at the workplace above every other things.

Once all of the above is clearly established and defined it is the employer’s responsibility to do random check-ins in order to fish out any loopholes that may hinder the attainment of the enterprise’s vision and goals. 

You can expect to gain any meaningful outcome when there are no checks and balances at the workplace. Employees can just not be left to do as it suits them. They must be guided by rules and regulations of the workplace.

Whenever an employee fails to comply or does not meet his/her expectations at least consistently, it shouldn’t be farfetched for the employer to let such an employee go. Heads must roll when they must roll. When you keep defective machinery you should only expect an overall breakdown of your enterprise.

I think the President’s call for attitudinal change at the workplace is in the right direction but there must be a time when sounding the warning horn is followed by dismissal or the sack.