Well the President freed the Montie 3 so what?

Am I disappointed that the President freed the Montie 3? Of course I am. It was in his power to do so and he did. Does that stop this country from moving forward? Absolutely not. Ghana is still where it is. Freeing the Montie changes nothing in our current predicament.


I was one of those who believed that the cacophony about a petition to release the Montie 3 was irrelevant. It was unsafe for the President to be involved in such matter were my sentiments. I even advanced that the President could be shooting himself in the foot should he free the infamous Montie 3.


Am I wrong to have had a different opinion? I don’t think so. I believe just like everyone else the President has the right to take initiatives. Whether these initiatives augur well for his political fortunes well it is up to him to see. So if our President has decided to use his constitutional right to grant remission to Mugabe and his cohorts, so what?


I think it is time we move on from this Montie 3 saga. We shouldn’t be taken hostage by this. If the Media in this country dillydally over this case once again it will confirm that they have nothing to give the populace. There are more pressing issues that need immediate attention.


Let’s not allow politicians to divert our attention from the issues that we’re confronted with on a daily basis. Issues that you and I have complained and will continue to complain about. The ramifications of granting remission to the Montie 3 should be President Mahama’s headache not ours. So don’t blast our eardrums over it. We don’t care about it.


Whether the President undermined the autonomy of the Judiciary or not that’s their bitter soup, they should sort themselves out. Whatever you and I rant in our respective spaces won’t amount to anything but noise.


Ghanaians have ears and eyes. They see what is going on in this country, they aren’t oblivious to how a few people have taken the people of this great country hostage for their own gain. However, the saving grace is that one day the people will rise for their own rights.

The President can’t please all of us at the same time. So let’s not be bitter losers. Let’s just accept that the curtains are drawn on this Montie 3 saga and move on with our lives.


Why I must keep keeping on…an ode of self-motivation

This moment, here and now is very decisive. Each step you take from here on matters in the scheme of things. To reach that goal you’ve fixed yourself, your inertia is your worst enemy.

Your thinking, your actions or inactions can make or mar your progress. The belief you place in your ability to reach your dreams is very important to realizing that dream.

But just believing in the dream is not enough, you must work at it. Persistence, determination and commitment are your dependable partners. They will get you there.

Whatever you tell yourself, however you’re able to motivate yourself  the most important thing you should have in your visor is the goal you’ve set for yourself.
Nobody is responsible for your success. You are the shaper of your own success. Having people around you does not mean they will make your dreams come alive.

After all, you decide who join your team. That shows you’re still in control of how your dream turns out.

You have to vehemently refuse the negative vibes that others try to infuse  in your life. People saying you cannot or you can achieve your goal is immaterial when you know what you want.

You’ll be taken of course by imbibing what others think You should do. You will lose track of your goals by letting others lead the way and dictate your pace.

If it’s your goal and journey, you must be the captain on your boat.

You should be more determined by your setbacks, more motivated by the failures of the past.

If there is anything you should learn from all of these is to hold on to your dreams and guard them with all the belief and hope you can muster.

The thing is to keep pushing until that task is accomplished. I can’t make it or I’ve done my best just don’t cut it.

You know your best isn’t enough if you haven’t gotten where you want to be.